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Distributor And Reatailor.


Distributors frequently have a business relationship with manufactures that they represent. Many distributors maintain exclusive buying agreements that limit the number of participants or enables distributors to cover a certain territory. The distributor becomes the manufacture’s direct point of contact for prospective buyers of certain products.

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Retailers consist of small and large for-profit businesses that sell products directly to consumers. To realize a profit, retailers search for products that coincide with their business objectives and find suppliers with the most competitive pricing. Generally, a retailer can buy small quantities of an item from a distributor or a wholesaler.

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Raw materials that become finished products are an important aspect of a manufacturer’s operation, but the selling process must stay on pace with the production schedule or the manufacturer could end up with too many items. Distributors often place large orders for some items, such as bicycles or infant car seats.

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Discount Retailer !

This type of retailer offers a variety of discounted products. They offer low prices on less fashionable branded products from a range of suppliers by reselling end of line and returned goods at discounted prices.

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Speciality Retailers

Specialising in specific industries or products, this type of retailer is able to offer the customer expert knowledge and a high level of service. They also add value by offering accessories and additional related products at the same outlet.